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Introducing The Point System

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

For a fun incentive to participate in our Service Unit we are introducing a point system. The troop with the most points at our June Service Unit meeting will win a great prize.

Points are awarded as followed, with more points available as the year goes on.

Each adult that attends on behalf of the troop (does not need to be a leader) 10 points

Theme dress per person 10 points

Presenting at a meeting 20 points

Volunteering at an event 30 points

Hosting an event 50 points

Troop participates in Fall Product sales 20 points

Troop attends Service Unit event 10 points

100% Troop Ethics Pledge 20 points

50% troop participation in Digital Cookie 20 points

Wear Uniform to kick off 10 points per girl

Wear Girl Scout shirt to kick off 10 points per adult

Write a blog post 20 points

Bonus points are awarded at the discretion of the Service Unit Manager.

Everyone looks cooler in Girl Scout gear!

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